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What is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi is an inventory based Direct Sales company where you buy items up front at wholesale prices and then sell them at retail price. However, there are two great ways to make money with Paparazzi accessories. The first way of making money is from RETAIL SALES. The second way is by building a team and receiving COMMISSION from your Down Line (Consultants that enroll under you). Please note that this is NOT a Pyramid Scheme. Direct Sales is completely different than a Pyramid Scheme.

When you have a product that everyone loves and everyone can afford, then everyone benefits. Making real money is a real possibility because Paparazzi Accessories really does sell itself! Everybody loves it!

To get started, all you have to do is purchase a very affordable Starter Kit. Your Starter Kit will include necklace and earring sets (sold for $5 together), earrings, rings, bracelets, and hairclips. It will also include all the marketing materials you will need to get started.  There are no catalogs, however, you will also receive a FREE website with a 24/7 online store. You also earn full commission on all items sold through your website as well. They even have a Children's Jewelry line called Starlet Shimmer (not included in starter kits but order-able as a Consultant). 

The great thing about an inventory based business is that once you own the jewelry, you can sell it ANY WAY YOU WANT. You can do Facebook LIVE Sales (these are the most profitable), home parties, basket parties, Facebook parties, booths at fairs, fundraisers, teachers' break rooms, and even at the dentist’s office. You can have friends come to your home, and you can even sell out of your car!

If you love fun fashion, why not sell it yourself? It’s easy and affordable – simply invite people over to experience trendy accessories that sell themselves. You determine the who, where, and when. You set up the product and a party atmosphere. When you sell, you keep the 45% profit and it's yours to do whatever you want with it - reinvest in more inventory, pay a bill, or treat yourself to dinner. It's all up to you. Your business is what you make of it!

Best of all, there’s no pressure. No gimmicks. No sales presentations or party games (unless you want to). Becoming a Paparazzi Independent Consultant is straightforward and simple:

  • Buy your inventory up front
  • Earn immediate cash with a 45% profit
  • Sell from your own dedicated web site and receive a monthly check for earnings
  • No catalogs or customer orders to mess with
  • Sell where and when you want
  • Get additional compensation when others become Consultants - up to 10% of what your team purchases
  • Have parties to fund a vacation, or for serious income
  • No long-term commitment
  • Have fun showing and selling products women love

It works because it’s fun and affordable for both you and your potential customers. Paparazzi has a look for everyone, and at $5 apiece, who can resist?



Are you ready to start earning an unlimited income? Are you ready to stop working for someone else and start investing you the future for you and your family? Are you ready to work on YOUR terms and on YOUR schedule?

​If you answered YES to any of these questions, then what are you waiting for? Join my team of business minded men & women and start selling Paparazzi Accessories right now! There's no better time to start working for a better future than right now. Your future self will thank you for it.​


Not interested in selling Paparazzi right now but love the jewelry? Want to earn it for FREE?? Then consider hosting a PARTY! There are so many ways to party with Paparazzi! 

If you are local, you might want to have a Home Party or Open House Party. I would be happy to come to your location and set up all of my jewelry for you and your guests to shop from. There is never a sales pitch or any pressure or presentation to sit through. Just shopping and mingling with your friends. After your guests are done shopping and the party is done, sales are calculated and you as a Hostess will earn free jewelry!

Don’t want to have people over to your house? Consider a Bag Party! I will fill a large bag full of jewelry and you can take it with you to work, church, school, to a family get-together or anywhere else you go. You sell the jewelry and then bring back any unsold items. Once the party is done and sales are calculated, you as a Hostess will earn free jewelry!


Do you want to host a party but you don’t live close? Well that’s no problem! You can host a Facebook Party! They are so easy! I create an event on Facebook, you invite your friends to the event, I post photos of all of my jewelry and you and your guests just comment SOLD on the pictures of items you want to buy. I invoice them and ship or deliver the items to your guests. Once the party is done and sales are calculated, you as a Hostess will earn free jewelry!


There are many ways to Host a party. Contact me to schedule one today!